May 5, 2016

About Us


Welcome to – Singapore leading seminar and training room rental website!

Our company’s background, Digimatic Media, is a digital advertising company focusing on helping our clients generate positive ROI on their digital marketing budget.

Our brand, AceProfitsAcademy, is Singapore’s leading seminar and event organiser and we definitely understand what a trainer is looking for in a seminar venue space.

And we created the seminar room not just to cater to you, but it is also to cater to our ever expanding and growing seminar organising business in Singapore.

And therefore, you can be rest assured that we will provide the best facilities and equipments for your seminar room usage.

Check out our seminar photos above and see how we are able to consistently fill our clients room with targeted and interested audiences to generate more ROI for our clients!

Our Available Rooms:

  1. Freedom Room (Small)
  2. Knowledge Room (Med)
  3. Freedom + Knowledge Room (Large)
  4. Wealth Room (X-Large)

We provide you with the best equipments and facilities:

  • Hi-speed wireless internet for up to 100 pax
  • Projector with large screen
  • 2x Flip charts and markers
  • 1x Wireless and handheld mics
  • Stage
  • Air-cons
  • Beverage pantry with hot and cold drinks (Complimentary Coffee and Tea provided for your guests)
  • Space for buffet catering
  • Registration area
  • Ample and clean restroom cubicles
  • Power points with cord extension
  • Phone line in all rooms
  • High chair

View our available rooms:

  1. Freedom Room (Small)
  2. Knowledge Room (Medium)
  3. Freedom + Knowledge Room (Large)
  4. Wealth Room (X-Large)

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